Our Luxury Car Rental Experience In Nice

My daughter and I were about to go on the trip of a lifetime. She recently graduated from college, immediately got a job, and since I had been supportive through her life, she decided we needed to take a trip to Europe. I was so excited for the opportunity to spend time with my daughter and i knew this would be an experience that we would always remember and help us grow closer.

ferrari-hireMy daughter asked me to help her plan the trip to Nice. What she actually meant was, she wanted me to plan it. That was perfectly fine for me as I loved planning and she hated it. She wanted to pay for the trip. As a parent, though, it was difficult to think of your child paying for such an expensive venture.

I was having a lot of fun planning the trip. Since my daughter was paying, or so she wanted, I was trying to make the plans she knew about as budget-friendly as possible. However, I decided to throw some surprises into the trip that would be something I paid for.

One of the things I did was find a luxury car rental agency and decided to book an exotic car in Nice. My daughter loved cars, always had, so I wanted to spend some time driving around the area in a beautiful and luxurious vehicle. This would be a gift to her.

It was finally time for my daughter and I to begin our venture, so we checked out all available brands. We were both excited for the trip of a lifetime. When we arrived in Europe, we could barely contain our excitement. However, we were quite tired and knew that it would be better to take a nap before we started exploring.

My daughter and I were enjoying our time in Europe. Our trip was so fun and exciting. It was finally time for my daughter’s surprise. I told her I wanted to visit a shop in Nice that I had heard of. She went along with it and we ended up at the business that offered luxury car rental in Nice.

She was a little excited, but when I told her she would be driving the luxury car, she was even more excited and could not believe that I had planned this into our trip. I was glad that I was able to make my daughter so happy with this fun surprise and we want to give a shout out to Apex Luxury Car Hire on Facebook for their great service!…